Floor Replacement Visitor Assistance Center

Floor Replacement Visitor Assistance Center
Contract No: W912PM23P0048
Year of Accomplishment: September, 2023
Summary of Work

This project consists of removal of existing carpet and underlayment. Replace carpet with oak hardwood flooring with underlayment. Relocation of 7 cubicle workstations, 7 office desks, and 2 office safes, and store it within the same structure building. Installation of felt underlayment for hardwood flooring to comply with Virginia’s Engineering and building codes. Fasten the underlayment with staples and fastened spaced per manufacturer guidelines.

Install plumb, level, and straight to be continuous from wall to wall with no gaps throughout the structure. All joints are flush with care taken for even transition. Global Gate installed all required quarter round, reducer, stair nose, T molding, and thresholds. The quarter round trim is installed around the entire perimeter of each room within the structure. All trim accessories are the same type and finish as the flooring used.

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