Deck Replacement Visitor Assistance Center

Deck Replacement Visitor Assistance Center
Contract No: W912PM23P0047
Year of Accomplishment: September, 2023
Summary of Work

The scope of this project consists of removal of existing deck and supporting structure, replace with new supporting structure and composite deck with color approved by the government. Installation of 6 – 8×8 vertical posts supporting on the lower portion sub- structure, remaining 12 posts, 6×6 post. Supporting post range in length from 22 ft. to 6ft. The supporting braces shall be 3×8 lumber connecting to all 4 corners of each modular section. Braces are connected by bolting and reusing of the galvanized plates. The deck perimeter and each modular section are framed in 2×12 lumber. The supporting deck joist is 2×8 lumber spaced on 12-inch centers. Post and sub-structure are structural, treated lumber which comply with Virginia’s Engineering and Building codes. The decking is installed plumb, level, and straight. Decking boards shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures. The railing is connected through the decking to the sub structure at every 90-degree angle or ever 8 ft in length. The railing is fastened in a manner to prevent movement and per manufacturer recommendations. Installation of new corresponding gate to the railing with a locking mechanism at the top of the stairs. All fasteners and accessories are rated for exterior use.

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