CERP – Construction of Paymonar Road, Kabul

CERP - Construction of Paymonar Road, Kabul
Contract No: W5J9JE-11-C-0033
Client: USACE – Taj Loyal Construction Company
Year: 2012
Summary of Work

This project was to design and construct a paved a roadway which included a 7m-wide paved (150 mm asphalt) carriageway with 1.5m asphalt shoulders from Pol-e-Sangy (Start: 34.606815 N, 69.201050 E) to Padsha Sb (End: 34.59440 N, 69.245589 E) (known as the Paymonar Road), in Deh Sabz District of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Followings were the key deliverables of the projects:

  • Master Planning and Design
  • Survey & Geotechnical Investigation
  • Demining & UXO Removals
  • Asphalt Paved Road
  • Culverts
  • Trenches along side the road
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