Building 46 Mold Remediation

Building 46 Mold Remediation
Contract No: SP4703-23-P-0041
Client: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA, Richmond)
Year of Accomplishment: October, 2023
Summary of Work

The scope of this project consists of but not limited to: complete and thorough mold abatement procedures, cleaning the contaminated area, replacing existing drywall on each side of the wall cavity separating the two bathrooms, removing and reinstalling all bathroom hardware/plumbing/partitions and replacing all wall tile with new where drywall is replaced.

All plumbing fixtures and hardware along with toilet and urinal partitions are removed off the existing walls and stored in the area for the duration of the demolition/wall replacement. protect areas where the hardware/material is stored from any damage. Upon completion of drywall and ceramic tile replacement all partitions and plumbing fixtures are re installed to match the original configuration.

Global Gate removed and replace approx. 600 SFT of contaminated drywall and any supporting plywood in both men’s and women’s bathroom areas. The walls are removed up to 5’ above the floor. All new wall material is water resistant GWB. All wall tiles are replaced with new of the same kind – match the pattern, size, grout color, etc. Metal studs and tracks are cleaned and disinfected but are to remain and be re-used for new drywall. newly installed the supporting backboards similar to existing for plumbing fixtures re-installation. we test every 3’ interval of any adjacent wall (above/below/to the side) to the cutout section for mold.

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