ANA Pole Chakhi 2nd BDE#2, Kabul – Afghanistan

ANA Pole Chakhi 2nd BDE#2, Kabul - Afghanistan
Contract No: W5J9JE-11-C-0090
Client: USACE – Ebtakar Road & Building Construction Company
Year: 2014
Summary of Work

The project was consisted of the design, renovation, re-adaption and construction of an upgraded garrison’s facilities for the Afghanistan National Army’s use at Pol-e-Charkhi Garrison in Afghanistan to include: Capital Division, 2nd Brigade, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Kandak; Corps Support Kandak, CSS Kandak, 2nd Brigade Garrison Support Unit, 2nd Brigade Headquarters; and Route Clearance Company. The project was defined as the design, material, labor, and equipment to construct buildings, parking, utilities and other infrastructure identified in Package #2 Pol-e-Charkhi Construction, on the east side of the garrison. There were 49 Buildings in the scope of this project, from which 12 were to be designed and construct newly and the rest were renovation and remodeling. The total building areas of this project was over 28,000.00 SM.

Followings were the key deliverables of the projects:

  • Master Planning and Design
  • Survey & Geotechnical Investigation
  • Demining & UXO Removals
  • Walkways
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Power Plant 

  • Administration Buildings

  • Latrine Buildings

  • Laundry Buildings
  • HQ Buildings
  • Communication Center

  • Barracks
  • Barracks and Sleeping Quarters for ANA
  • Water System Network
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