ANA South Kabul International Airport (SKAIA) Utilities Upgrade, Kabul – Afghanistan

ANA South Kabul International Airport (SKAIA) Utilities Upgrade, Kabul - Afghanistan
Contract No: W5J9JE-15-C-0002
Client: USACE – ACI
Year: 2016
Summary of Work

This project included the design and construction of upgrades to the existing South Kabul Afghanistan International Airport Garrison water supply, sanitary sewer including wastewater treatment facilities (WWTP) for 5,000 personnel, and electrical utilities for the Afghan National Army (ANA) in Kabul District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. Also, the project was consisted of a Potable Water System (PWS), to include water wells protected in enclosed well houses, water well pumps, steel storage tank(s) (GST), booster pump(s), expansion tank(s), hydro pneumatic tank(s), and an underground pipe distribution network system intended to connect smaller cantonments on the garrison into a central water system served by a single pressure zone. On electrical side, the project was to design and construct a new electrical distribution system extended in a loop design from the North Substation-SKAIA feeder. System was built in medium voltage overhead feeders, switches, sectionalizers, reclosure devices, underground medium voltage and low voltage distribution, pad mounted transformers, and unit substations to feed the facilities in the South Kabul Afghanistan International Airport area. 

Followings were the key deliverables of the projects:

  • Master Planning and Design
  • Survey & Geotechnical Investigation
  • Demining & UXO Removals
  • Water Storage Tanks sized 360,000 Liters each
  • 2 EA of 300 KLD Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • 16000M of Water Line
  • 12000M of Sewer line
  • 10000M of Overhead Power Lines and Concrete Poles
  • Lift Stations
  • Manholes
  • Well Houses and Wells
  • Pump Houses
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